Men's Div. 2 A : IVA Persia so close against Thunderball

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Tuesday, 24 October 2017 11:26

Thunderball beat IVA Persia (Men’s D2 A - London Volleyball League) 

14:21 21:12 21:19 21:19

Two tight sets after swinging opening

Each team took a while to settle, Thunderball not really settling until the second set while IVA Persia looked to have misjudged their opponents in the second. However, the remainder of the game was great entertainment and truly competitive.

The early stages had been perfectly even but from 12:all IVA moved steadily further ahead to go ahead. They continued their momentum in the second taking a 1:5 lead before collapsing from 5:7 to 15:7. They settled after that but could not reduce the gap.

In the following set Thunderball had a golden spell in which they raced from 4:5 to 4:11 helped by some good serving from Rossano Biagini but successive rotations brought IVA back first to 11:8 then to 12:11 before they moved ahead 14:15. The home side didn't look like capitulating and the visitors looked determined and in an exciting finish to the set it was Thunderball that grabbed the advantage.

The fourth set was tight throughout and one side after the other tied the score as it mounted to 19:all. Thunderball secured a vital side-out and Rossano rotated to serve again. His new nickname will be "Reliable" as he put pressure on the defence and set up the rally with which the match was won.

City of Westminster College, Paddington Green, 2nd October 2017

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