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Monday, 20 June 2016 15:55
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 London Spikers Knights Volleyball Club attends London Pride 2016

LSKVC is proud to announce our participation to the 2016 London Pride edition, which will take place on 25th June. The annual march gathers more than 1 million and is supposed to be the 3rd biggest event organised in the UK capital.

This year, the biggest gay men volleyball club of London will be represented by more than 20 enthusiastic players, who will be showing off our new uniforms while showing energetic and athletic passing and digging to the public.

To make LSKVC’s appearance standing out, our players will be parading with an outrageously colourful and vibrant volleyball net, specially customised for the occasion.

LSKVC’s participation is driven by a sincere and strong desire to show our solidarity to the London LGBT sport community, which encourages gay men and women to participate to sport activities and build a social life outside the traditional London gay scene.

LSKVC President, Sidney Lima said:

“20 years ago, sporting environments were very different for gay men. It was extremely challenging and at times inaccessible due to the harassment, bullying and violence which could be directed towards LGBT+ individuals.

London Spikers Knights Volleyball Club was created to provide the opportunity for gay men to create friendships for life, to share common experiences and to be active through practicing volleyball with no fear.

Marching in London’s Gay Pride Parade allows us to express the importance for members of our community to have a safe place to practice activities without the threat of homophobia. It is our collective duty to show the world the importance of equality.”

If you need more information about our club feel free to contact us by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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